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s. word for miserable conditions and it's ok's it's been very it's not greece and by purpose the bavarian government creates this horrible conditions so miserable conditions as a form of de terence. the super form of stigmatisation of this kind of threat she croup and yet the key message is we don't want you here you create conditions you will not stand so maybe you will leave the country one too early or be able to deport you so this is the you not show the concept and it's easy to change these living conditions decentralize. the reception system as we have before but this is the new policies it started in autumn two thousand and fifteen so now germany is in line with the european trent
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creating camps. and increase detention capacities ok that is an accusation that we heard in the report as well that the centers are meant to be dehumanizing we should mention that we did in a reporter did ask the state of bavaria for a comment on the center and they said as we saw in the report that there commentated in court in accordance with current guidelines on the whole there is plenty of space in the center so what are the guidelines. so that the official guidelines is your law and we have laws and we have the constitution salute should be the need dignified living conditions so it makes sense to to keep people for a long period and as you mentioned. in the report they also creates inside so kids have the right. it's compulsory to go to school this is not the way little
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women have the right to find protection within the reception center at the camp this is not a wally this is not transit so this kind of if you read different directives reception directives it's crystal clear it has to be based on human dignity and then we need a fair and of fish and asylum because he also this is not. granted because you have a fair sign procedure you need also something legen independent legal counseling these terms sometimes quiet in the middle of nowhere it's quite difficult for warranty is to get access so all this basic requirements are not a way really in these camps and therefore we criticize them and many of their excess church. groups criticize this and we want to end this policy and go back to. dignified reception system in germany all right
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carl cut from the n.-g. o. pro as they were joining us on our program thank you so much thank you. you're watching news still to come on our program german authorities get serious on the emissions scandal prosecutors charge former executives from car maker bolts ragen including ex c.e.o. titans in tokyo. but first back to our top story french president tomorrow mccall vowing to rebuild the twelfth century church notre dame after a blaze ravaged it on monday firefighters say the fire is now extinguished and this here is what's been left standing this morning authorities say the cathedral structure was largely saved but the fire gutted its roof and caused its fire to collapse one firefighter was injured during the blaze many valuable artworks were inside were lost or damaged and people around the world are lamenting the
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devastation of a landmark that has survived the tunnel to well over eight centuries. let's bring in our correspondents on the story we have barbara vessel standing by for us in paris at the scene and we have to give you news editor and a french journalist in manila shows with us here in studio good to have you both back with us bob i want to start with you because the latest information that we do have is that the flames have been entirely completely extinguished there tell us what we know at this point about the extent of the damage. you know the fire fight is just to now said that the flames could be extinguished as you say they have to watch this for a couple of days because a huge blaze they like this is a really dangerous thing and there might be some small smoldering. fires somewhere in this huge edifice that could ignite everything so they will keep
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watching but at the time now experts say experts just begun entering the building we've seen a little while ago large group of firefighters and other architecture and structural engineers going up onto one of the main belt charas the towers that could probably quickly be saved from the flames last night first there was a fear that they would fall but they seem to be relatively safe and sound for people to go up there and they have to look at the structure from above to assess the damage really of course drone pictures but still they just need to see what is happening they need to see to see this stone and maybe touch the stone in order to figure out how much structural damage there really is at this point in time it is difficult to assess because it might be worse than it appears but then it might also be not quite as bad it's going to be a couple of days to we know for sure now that work really is just beginning you
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know i want to ask you about some of the scenes that we saw last night you know that incredible blaze atop this building such a dramatic scene at the same time as the firefighters were battling to preserve the structure we also have to say that there are incredible amounts of artifacts of art of relics inside the building as well and they're working very hard to preserve as well tell us about that effort. working very hard to save those. artifacts in total you had four hundred firefighters around four hundred five protest on site including one hundred that. to save the artifacts and we're talking about you mentioned it. we're also talking about ornaments carved ornaments you know believe that couldn't be salvaged that would probably be damaged because not only because of the fire but oh so because of the water that was poured to stop the fire but we also have the bells fear is
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a word that in the two towers should have should they have collapsed those beds would have been broken for ever and they are very old bears that they back from the fifteen cent tree. we call organs very instruments very. valuable instruments and obviously what is there was a treasure chambre as well that seemed to have been salvaged in entirety by the firefighters but unfortunately what was also a symbol of the rows windows and all the stained glass seem to have completely gone to have completely disappeared under the fire and it seems like this really is such a loss not only to the art and the artifacts and the relics inside as you said but of course to the structure which is a part of france's cultural heritage and also for europe you know barbara she can come back to you there in paris you've been speaking to many people who have been
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reacting to you know what happened if you can hear us we can't see you at the moment but if you can hear us tell us what they've been telling you and how they've been reacting to what happened. we're just so lady here in front of obviously stopping on no route to work breaking out in cheers really it is it is devastating because it really cuts to the heart of reasons this is the place where they've come for centuries to to celebrate or to grieve the big event was after the it was after the attacks on the clown two thousand and fifteen afterwards there was this big mass being held here in and out. side of for not and huge crowds had come through to feel the spirit of togetherness of community of the standing to get so this is really the sort of it's meaning off not for diamond people feel very touched and very sad the mood is really quite subdued you don't see any laughing
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faces around here this morning the police of course has closed off the area around the cathedral but still people are congregating on all the bridges and you know the sides and sort of just looking at it in silence and the overwhelming feeling really is one of setting this yeah i think we do have a clip of some people who were commenting on through the night there in paris about the significance of this cathedral let's see if we can play that right now. i felt really angry that such a large beautiful piece of shit went up in smoke like that. so i was really shocked he say when i heard the news i ran straight here. i told you i waited i saw flames i was powerless and it made me sick to the stomach.
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the streets are very silent tonight it's remarkable i think silence so many people came here and they all sad truth. it was a symbol for all of france not only for catholics and that's why everyone is so moved when they see the pictures or. do what. you see. it's a monument above and beyond it's religious meaning it's something that represents the entire evolution of french civilization. is so it's very dramatic to see something like this happening yeah this. concussion screams. we're all shaken we're all sad even a friend from italy called me and told me that it's big news there i guess it is all over the world if the. man well i want to ask you about those voices that we just heard because you were nodding along and you know you yourself are french explain to us why this is so important for france well. the
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time is not on their landmark in paris it's also something that we have found out about it where we don't come from paris we have read about in books we have read the hunchback of notre dame. we have seen. countless postcards on countless artworks and is just a part of paris and was saved by one of the people there and in the report it was. part of our culture part of our heritage and also it has been over eight centuries it wasn't built in two years and that he was open and it was built over two hundred years and then you had. another architect at the end of the nineteenth century which renovated. it is again and it's something that also victoria got contributed to. to make a more popular in the nineteenth century and it was really not just
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a landmark and not just a place for cassadee people to granny it was really something that belonged to the french culture and roots are really is a the heart of french culture of french history barbara if we can come back to you know if you know looking forward to specially today as the flames have now been completely escapes the english what happens next in finding out how this fire was caused and also in rebuilding efforts. the friendship prosecution service is open to an investigation and they have started talking to the workmen who were on site yesterday because we need to remember this was an ongoing restoration project particularly in the roof and around the spire of the spire was the piece to go first last night it sort of broke down was all mighty big sound and so this suspicion is that something happened during those for innovation work so when no workman started to stop working at five o'clock in the afternoon and
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shortly before seven when the alarm went up and the blaze had really taken hold it might have been tool that was hopped and left plugged in it my somebody might have been sold a ring something over welding something and some sparks were flying it might never be exactly identified how this happened but everybody is soon see the judicial services assume that this was a terrible and very sad accident as to rebuilding yes this is going to start very slowly the experts are on site we can see sometimes them walking around on the outer structures off the kids see the old there this is going to be a task for years to come and it is going to be a very daunting task and yet as french president obama said it is something that will be done barbara right barbara faisal for us in paris and of course with us here in our studio thank you both again for your insights. are you're watching news
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will be back with you at the top of the hour with an update on the story feared for you please stay with us. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture and we have a very special performance of veggies requiem in a very special place conducted by a very special man also coming up. alternative musician an artist. has a new album out and is my guest in the studio. and in our continuing series one hundred must reads if you like black you must sibylla
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live it shall rovs novel apostolic could be for you. and. the greek russian conduct to correct his divides opinion in the world of classical music some called him the savior of classical music in the twenty first century others are disturbed by his musical showmanship considering it overdone too much for the console they say well over the weekend he gave a much anticipated performance of betty's requiem with his own music a tanna in the milan church where it originally had its premiere way back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. to be recognizable the past sixty s. e re the day of rock one of the climaxes intercept events.


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